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Lake Cliff

Boys of Lake Cliff series, showing the 1st 3 books in the MM contemporary romance series

The core Lake Cliff series! 


Follow along as an autistic forensic psychologist, a detective, and an elegant assassin form an unlikely friendship and create a unique family! There’s never a dull moment but there’s always a happily ever after.

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Lake Cliff Adjacent Romances and short stories, a collection of MM romance, action and mystery novels and short stories related to the Boys of Lake Cliff series

The Lake Cliff Adjacent romances and short stories weave in and out of the Boys of Lake Cliff books. 

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Life After Lake Cliff: a collection of short stories following on from the Boys of Lake Cliff, a book series of MM contemporary romances with action

Have you ever wondered what happily ever after looks like in Lake Cliff? Follow along as the residents of your favorite Chicago suburb live happily ever after, grapple with raising a very special child, and give you a glimpse of what’s to come.

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The covers of all the books from The Boys of Lake Cliff series and the Lake Cliff Adjacent Romances and short stories

The reading order for all the Boys of Lake Cliff and Lake Cliff adjacent books can be found here.

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