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Book One

There are worse things haunting Cace Talbot than the ghosts inhabiting his beloved hometown. Hidden in Arizona’s Mule Mountains, Bisbee was small in a cozy way and just casually haunted with specters from its wild and sometimes dark past. Then, Laurence “Lorrie” Nixon returns after breaking Cace’s heart twenty-five years earlier and the town becomes too small and the memories a lot scarier.

Lorrie’s waited long enough and is determined to win Cace back no matter how hard he has to grovel. He’s already got his work cut out for him when a pair of copycat killings with echoes from Bisbee’s past cast suspicion Lorrie’s way. Lorrie turns to Cace and their band of childhood friends for help solving the brutal murders.

Cace doesn’t want to see his first love accused of a gruesome crime he didn’t commit but that doesn’t mean he’s letting Lorrie Nixon back into his life. At least, that’s what Cace says. His body on the other hand... Can Cace help find a killer without getting caught up in the memories and the pull of Lorrie’s lips?


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Book Two

Beau Arnett isn’t afraid of death or ghosts but the town’s new kindergarten teacher scares the hell out of him. He’s lived a tough life and runs the roughest bar in Bisbee, Arizona, but the effervescent and irrepressible Hal Kennedy isn’t the least bit intimidated by Beau’s snarls and won’t be dismissed. The willful younger teacher believes Beau is in danger and sees through the hardened bar owner’s facade.

When Hal stumbles upon a ghost and discovers a string of attacks at the school, he runs right into Beau's arms. Together, with the help of The Bachelors' Club, they'll find the pieces to solve the chilling mystery. And somewhere between the moonlight and the madness, Beau Arnett just might


Book Three

The cards don’t lie...

He drew the Two of Cups and the Hierophant. Noah Kennedy might be an unwilling empath but he knows better than to doubt the deck or turn his will against fate. He’s spent his whole life running from his gift and believed he was cursed. Anyone would, after a childhood overshadowed by the afterlife. Knowing too much about the living and the dead can make life nearly impossible. Seeing his brother happily engaged leaves Noah emotionally adrift and tired of being a burden. Noah wonders if he has a purpose, other than holding his brother back and making his eye twitch.


The Two of Cups. Kieran Watts is the one. He’s Noah’s soulmate and his future but the otherwise fearless firefighter runs after a meet cute in a hot dog joint reveals a shockingly intense and sensual psychic bond. Kieran has deep emotional scars and does his best to avoid Noah but can’t deny the pull he feels whenever they cross paths. And he certainly can’t resist the heat and the sparks when they touch.


The Hierophant. A not-so-chance encounter with a local witch sets Noah on a path our young medium hadn’t foreseen. Or refused to see until a murderer attempts to frame Noah’s new guardian angel and teacher. Noah begrudgingly accepts that he could be a powerful witch and turns to The Bisbee Bachelors’ Club for help finding a killer and learns he’s not as much of a lost cause as he thought he was.



Book Four

Dr. Flip Satis is in Bisbee for all the wrong reasons, but he’s chasing the right man. He’s wanted Dr. Wallace Brinkley since Flip sat in Dr. Brinkley's anatomy class but the chivalrous older medical examiner never acted on the chemistry between them. After making a deal with the devil to be closer to his mentor and eternal crush, a summer monsoon and a dead body throw Flip’s plans into disarray.

Wallace came to Bisbee looking for a slower pace, but now his one temptation has arrived in the eccentric former mining town. When Flip needs his help, Wallace can’t turn his back on the beguiling young doctor with the haunting blue eyes.

As Flip becomes the primary suspect in the murder of a notorious businessman, Wallace turns to the Bachelors’ club for assistance. Can he solve the crime without giving into temptation, or will falling for Flip lead to grave expectations...


Book Five

One haunted mansion. Two lifelong enemies. Three days to solve one of Bisbee’s most notorious mysteries.It’s nearly Valentine’s Day but it might as well be Christmas for Baxter Dawson when Bisbee’s mayor, Mercer Hathaway, knocks on his door with an irresistible proposition for the town’s favorite crime solver. Mercer’s planning to tear down The Hathaway House and burn everything inside it to free himself of his family’s dark legacy. But first, Mercer wants to find the answer to a riddle that’s plagued him for decades: who killed Julia Lowell and why does she haunt him every time he’s a guest at The Copper Queen Hotel? The answer is somewhere inside The Hathaway House but the real mystery is: can these two bitter rivals survive a weekend together in a mansion full of ghosts and Hathaway Family skeletons without killing each other?



Book Six


What happened to Dottie Granger and why is her son still trapped in The Sullivan House?


The people of Bisbee have spent forty years whispering about the reclusive Hadley Granger, and the night his mother disappeared from The Sullivan House. The shy inn keeper has done his best to keep her memory, and the haunted bed and breakfast, alive by any means necessary. When the town learns that Hadley is also a best-selling author, his private life and all his secrets begin to bleed off the page.


Hadley’s latest guest is a stoic engineer protecting a few secrets of his own. Lyle Hewer’s come to Bisbee to escape a collapsing affair and to determine if the Queen Mine is safe enough to reopen. But trouble follows him to the quirky former mining town when his ex arrives and books a room at The Sullivan House.


The chivalrous inn keeper volunteers for the part of Lyle’s new boyfriend to help him save face, but their plan goes awry almost immediately. Lyle has been in love with the gentle inn keeper from the first moment he stepped foot in The Sullivan House, and Hadley finds himself falling for his prickly guest too. But Hadley has one very big problem: Lyle has to leave before it’s too late and the secrets of The Sullivan House shatters both of their lives.


Warning: brief scenes depicting domestic violence against women and children.


Book Seven

Russell Dorian’s dark past has finally come back to haunt him. An old enemy arrives in Bisbee with a grudge and what may be a cursed object and Russ has no one to blame but himself. As usual. Russ has always played by his own rules but he’s never played with hearts and hopes because he knows what it’s like to be cheated and to lose everything. But all those painful wounds are ripped open when Dr. Cassius Ambrose turns up, looking just like his deceased older brother and Russ’s former lover, Kingsley Ambrose.


That’s what one does when they receive a cursed object in the mail and are nearly killed by it. Right? Cassius’s house was burned down so he’s come to Bisbee to return the Pompeiian fresco to the sender and settle the score. But a mystery and a murder leave Cassius stranded in the quirky former mining town and he has to turn to Russ and the rest of the Bisbee Bachelors’ Club for help. Can Russ and Cassius let go of the past and solve the mystery before the fresco finds its next victim? There’s no denying the heat or escaping their history when they touch, but will Russ give his heart one more chance and learn he’s not as soulless as he believes?



Book Eight

Men tend to run when one of your “uncles” is the scariest man in Bisbee and your other uncle is a private detective. But Owen’s made up his mind. It’s finally his turn and he’s found the right man. He’s just got to break it to his dad and make his uncles accept that he isn’t a kid anymore. Being the town sweetheart, there’s nowhere Owen would rather be but it’s been hard to…spread his wings. His new roommate, Chief Fox, is everything he’s been waiting for and Owen isn’t playing fair this time.


Poor, poor Fox… CW4 Jack Fox thought he was moving to the quirky small town to settle down and raise a toddler daughter he’s only had a handful of days with. Enter Owen Talbot and the weathered warrant officer’s life is turned upside down. The age gap is enough to give Fox more gray hair but he has the entire town looking over his shoulder, making sure he's the right man for their beloved Owen. Half of Bisbee is ready to play matchmaker while the other half is ready to run Fox out of town. But the brilliant younger man soothes Fox’s battered soul and makes him feel whole.


Fox already has a lot to prove if he doesn’t want to answer to Beau Arnett but a face from a different desert and the past has come to Bisbee to settle a score. For the first time in his life, Fox has something to lose. He turns to The Bisbee Bachelors’ Club for help catching an old nemesis who got away and Owen steps up, ready to fight for the man he loves and save his new family.


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