Welcome to The Bisbee Bachelors’ Club 2.

Book One

There are worse things haunting Cace Talbot than the ghosts inhabiting his beloved hometown. Hidden in Arizona’s Mule Mountains, Bisbee was small in a cozy way and just casually haunted with specters from its wild and sometimes dark past. Then, Laurence “Lorrie” Nixon returns after breaking Cace’s heart twenty-five years earlier and the town becomes too small and the memories a lot scarier.

Lorrie’s waited long enough and is determined to win Cace back no matter how hard he has to grovel. He’s already got his work cut out for him when a pair of copycat killings with echoes from Bisbee’s past cast suspicion Lorrie’s way. Lorrie turns to Cace and their band of childhood friends for help solving the brutal murders.

Cace doesn’t want to see his first love accused of a gruesome crime he didn’t commit but that doesn’t mean he’s letting Lorrie Nixon back into his life. At least, that’s what Cace says. His body on the other hand... Can Cace help find a killer without getting caught up in the memories and the pull of Lorrie’s lips?



Book 2

Beau Arnett isn’t afraid of death or ghosts but the town’s new kindergarten teacher scares the hell out of him. He’s lived a tough life and runs the roughest bar in Bisbee, Arizona, but the effervescent and irrepressible Hal Kennedy isn’t the least bit intimidated by Beau’s snarls and won’t be dismissed. The willful younger teacher believes Beau is in danger and sees through the hardened bar owner’s facade.

When Hal stumbles upon a ghost and discovers a string of attacks at the school, he runs right into Beau's arms. Together, with the help of The Bachelors' Club, they'll find the pieces to solve the chilling mystery. And somewhere between the moonlight and the madness, Beau Arnett just might find...love.



Book 3

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Book 4

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Book 5

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Book 6

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Book 7

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Book 8

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