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Cocky Cops & Cons

Cover of the book Throttled, book 1 in the Cocky Cops & Cons series by K Sterling, a gay MM romance



Jack Walden, "Wal," has it bad for Marco, the talented, sexy auto mechanic-slash-vintage car restorer he had a brief relationship with. So bad that he regularly fakes car damage just to have an excuse to be around the man. Wal can't muster the courage to tell Marco how he feels and that he wants another chance, even though watching Marco date drives him crazy with jealousy.

Marco Costa has tried getting over Wal by getting under other men, but it's useless--the aloof detective etched himself in Marco's heart. But Wal's too closed off and married to his job, and Marco wasn't satisfied with always being second in the man's life. They're better off as friends, or so he tries to convince himself.

When a missing persons case Wal is investigating strikes too close to home, Wal realizes nothing is what it seems...and protecting the man he loves becomes a high-stakes fight when he isn't sure who he can trust.

Cover of the book Snatched, book 2 in the Cocky Cops & Cons series by K Sterling, a gay MM romance



The fall of a powerful gangster is just the beginning…

It was just another crime scene and just another body as a turf war gripped the city but things take a shocking turn when Dr. Jake Tyler is abducted and the body stolen. Determined to restore his reputation and solve a crime without a body, Jake risks his life and career when he battles wits with the elusive and merciless head of an Irish crime family. Too stubborn to back down and take the loss, he’s determined to get answers and see justice served.

Sometimes, too much power is the hardest curse to break and Dilan O’Shea is trapped when his father goes into witness protection. Dilan’s devotion to his baby brother and fear for his family forces him into a life of deception and crime. The murder he’s determined to hide is the least dangerous of his secrets. It’s just another piece of the deadly high-stakes game Dilan’s playing when he snatches the snarky, hardheaded medical examiner.

Jake can’t keep his mind off the brutal mobster and the investigation gets complicated when they can’t stay out of each other’s way or keep their hands off each other. Dilan gets more than he bargained for and he has no choice but to trust a man he kidnapped at gunpoint. Can two men from opposite sides of the law solve a mystery together or will their inescapable passion cost them everything?

Cover of the book Flipped, book 3 in the Cocky Cops & Cons series by K Sterling, a gay MM romance



A scared, lonely past and a dangerous secret follow Dr. Aiden Sharp to the peaceful town of Lake Cliff, Illinois, when he arrives to testify in a murder trial for the district attorney.

Some heroes are built a little differently than the rest of us and some hearts love in a way we're not used to. Blood spatter and exit wounds make more sense to Aiden than a casual remark or a quick wink. Living faces and expectations have always been more of a mystery to Aiden-being autistic-than the cases he handles for the FBI, but he's never let it stop him from getting what he wants. Aiden wants Lane as soon as their eyes meet, but Aiden gets a lot more than he expected when danger arrives.

Detective Lane West is prepared to protect the gorgeous but confusing forensic psychologist from himself and just about anything fate throws at them. But what about Lane's heart? Despite his best intentions, Lane can't keep his hands off Aiden.

Passion and pancakes bring two lonely hearts together and an errand for the district attorney turns Lake Cliff upside down.

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