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Princes Take New York

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Princes Take New York is a new series from K. Sterling: contemporary re-imaginings of fairytale romances. 

The series is a spin-off from the Nannies of New York series, but can be read without reading the Nannies series first.

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Jonathon, After All

What do you say to the man who took your virginity, broke your heart, and ruined your life?

For ten years, Jonathon hid his pain, acting out in ridiculous ways in hopes that one day, his prince would rescue him. But when the day finally came, it was too little, too late after being pushed at and rejected by every eligible bachelor in Manhattan.

Leopold, the new Margrave of Hessen, was the gala’s guest of honor but he didn’t give a damn until he spotted the love of his life at the bar. After nearly a decade apart, Leo’s delight quickly turns into confusion when he’s doused by a cocktail and Jonathon flees the gala.

What happened, all those years ago in Austria? And what went wrong? Both men must confront the truth about their secret, month-long affair and break the spell that’s kept them apart. Is it too late for them to turn back the clock, or will Jonathon get his happily ever after, after all?

Jonathan, After All is a contemporary fairytale romance about a young artist hiding a broken heart behind an influencer persona, and a valiant, misguided prince trying to save the world from climate change. There’s meddling family and staff, a metaphorical tower, a wicked aunt, and two lovers separated by an evil spell.

Coming August 20, 2024.

Read Chapter 1 of Jonathon, After All HERE

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