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Standalone Books

My standalone novels are sorted into these genres...

Romantic Dramas

Cover of the book Beautiful Animal by K Sterling, a sex-positive MM romance, LGBTQ book

Beautiful Animal

A sex positive story of lust, love & acceptance.

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Cover of One Night in Whisper by K Sterling, an age gap, enemies to lovers MM romance with a librarian and a billionaire

One Night in Whisper

Welcome to Whisper, Virginia. Population: 2. At least, that’s how it feels after Beck Night’s mother, Maggie, passes away. Despite his best efforts, he can’t seem to escape and disentangle his life from Magnus Deacon, his mother’s sexy former boss. 

One Night in Whisper is an age gap, workplace, enemies-to-lovers, MM billionaire romance.


Cover image of the book 'Happily Ever Alfie' by K Sterling, showing an illustration of a young white man with dark hair in jeans and a t-shirt, wearing a crown and a blanket as a cape

Happily Ever Alfie

A steamy, heartwarming romcom about a young man who was just about out of hope and an Army vet who thought he was done playing the hero.

Cover of The Shop Downstairs by K Sterling, an MM enemies-to-lovers, writers in a bookshop romance

The Shop Downstairs

Cooper Greer has had it with fate and men. He's content to spend his days running people out of his store and secretly writing books as Brent Shore. The only thing more irritating than the occasional customer is his rival, Thorn Majors.

A fateful encounter in what just barely qualifies as a bookstore turns Cooper's world upside down. Can love blossom in a dark, dingy bookshop between rival authors

Cover of the book Better than best friends by K Sterling, a gay MM friends-to-lovers biawakening romance rom-com

Better Than Best 

It's a tale as old as cellphones. A joke goes too far and everything changes for two lifelong best friends. A dare leads to a wild night and lasting consequences when feelings happen.

Formerly published with the title The Jock's Trap

Cover of the book 'The Perfect Cover' by K. Sterling, with an illisutration of a man in a suit and  model of a town set on the pages of an open book

The Perfect Cover

A disillusioned spy finds the perfect cover wooing a soccer dad devastated by the loss of his husband. Nothing in Hopkins Creek is what it seems. 

Cover of the book Ellis Harper's Shot In The Dark by K Sterling, a gay MM rom-com

Ellis Harper's Shot In The Dark

Ellis Harper is used to being the plus one of his life-long best friend, Alli Landry. When Alli's secret pregnancy is revealed, Ellis agrees to pretend to be the father to prevent disaster.


But this backfires almost immediately. after Ellis hears a Grindr notification in the hotel bar. Everyone is off-limits and no one is safe in a room full of people related to the pretend mother of your future child.


Cover of the book Fenrir by K. Sterling, with an image of a black wolf with red eyes


Stellan Berg journeys to the old country in search of a family legend. He didn't plan on becoming the townsfolk's sacrifice to the ancient creature in the woods. But Stellan found a better way to tempt the beast.

Own it now for only $1.99!


Cover of Stuffed by K Sterling, an anthology of sexy short holiday stories


Overflowing with genuine love and good cheer, this is not your shopping mall Santa. 

Stuffed is an anthology of sexy short stories featuring MM, MF, MMF, and MMM relationships.

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