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The Nannies of New York

Last Nanny in Manhattan Giles Ashby Needs A Nanny

#1: The Last Nanny in Manhattan

Cover of the book The Last Nanny in Manhattan by K. Sterling, showing an illustration of a young white man with messy black hair, wearing a cardigan and pink t-shirt, holding the tie of an older man in a suit

Walker Cameron III might be one of the most feared men in Manhattan, but he’s no match for his six-year-old triplets. After exhausting all other options, Finley Marshall is the grumpy widower's last hope.

The Last Nanny in Manhattan is a heartfelt but spicy MM romance with a rich older widower, and the young Nanny who sees more of Walker's needs & desires than he knew himself.


#3: The Handy Nanny

The cover of the book The Handy Nanny by K. Sterling, showing an illustration of an interracial couple with a tall white man with scruffy long blond hair in denim dungarees, holding a wrench and looking at a black man in dark pants and jacket holding a baby bottle and diaper bag

They call Pennsylvania Tucker the human Band-Aid because he can fix just about anything and make anyone feel better, but can Penn mend a broken heart?


Reid Marshall thinks so and sends his master nanny on a very important and sensitive mission. Close friend Morris Mosby, the shy music genius, is grieving and caring for his newborn niece after losing his twin sister.


Note - Paperback includes additional illustrations, a soundtrack, bonus epilogue, recipes + more!

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#5: The Nanny with the Nice List

Cover of the book The Nanny with the Nice List by K. Sterling, showing a young white man in jeans, spilling a tea cup and clutching the tie of a taller white man with blond hair, wearing a dark green suit and red tie. The background is mostly red but shows a festive room with a fireplace and Christmas tree

This Christmas, Dash Griffin finally gets his man.


Dash’s friends have been finding their happily ever afters, but Dash is pining for quiet, uptight Gavin Selby. Dash has known for some time that the cranky accountant is the one for him, but Gavin has a secret that has made him think love is not an option. 


The Nanny with the Nice List is a sweet & steamy MM holiday romance with mutual pining, a grumpy/sunshine pair, 10 year age gap & a sexual awakening. Plus, all the wonderful found family vibes that lovers of the Nannies of New York series know to expect. 


#2: Giles Ashby Needs a Nanny

The cover of the book Giles Ashby Needs a Nanny by K. Sterling, showing an illustration f a tall man holding a young white man in a colorful hat and scarf, with a background of Central Park

Sometimes, a simple field trip to the planetarium can be an act of bravery. In Giles Ashby’s case, it could also be a second chance with his lifelong crush.


Giles Ashby Needs a Nanny is a sweet and steamy MM romance with an awkward bisexual single dad with a crippling anxiety disorder, his lifelong crush (who thinks he hates him) that rescues him and an adorably nerdy nine-year-old.


#4: The Enchanting Nanny

Cover of the book The Enchanting Nanny by K Sterling with an illustration of the two main characters Agnes and Penny, white women, one gray haired with sunglasses, the other younger with red hair in braids

Despite being born into one of the wealthiest families in Manhattan, Agnes Cameron hasn’t had that many good things in her life. At fifty-two, she’s ready to change that. She’s adopting a child and putting her playgirl days behind her.

Enter Penny Lane Tucker: thirty, vegan, and a wild child who occasionally sleeps in trees. Also a nanny extraordinaire. But although their meddling brothers might not be aware, Agnes and Penny have…history.


Note: The paperback edition includes more illustrations, a bonus epilogue, recipes from the book & a soundtrack!

Signed books with swag available on the Merch store

#6: One Night with the Nanny 

Nanny 6.png

Once upon a glitzy Manhattan night, a nanny finds himself in a royal mess. 


Reid Marshall only does things one way: his way. 


Reid’s content with the life he has built with his platonic soulmate, Gavin, but knows his friends and family would be shocked at what he gets up to off the clock.


Maximilian, Margrave of Hessen, knows a thing or two about living a lie. Desperate to mend his relationship with his daughters, Max turns to the Marshall Agency’s headstrong founder for help.


Only to find they have already met.

One Night with the Nanny is Book 6 of the Nannies of New York series. It’s a rom-com featuring fake dating, a one-night stand that turns into more, and a struggling single dad who happens to be a Prince.


Signed book preorders coming soon!

The Handy Nanny The Enchanting Nanny
The Nanny With The Nice List One Night With The Nanny
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