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Boys of Lake Cliff

A scared, lonely past and a dangerous secret follow Dr. Aiden Sharp to the peaceful town of Lake Cliff, Illinois, where he finds love and much more than a safe place to hide.


Follow along as an autistic forensic psychologist, a detective, and an elegant assassin form an unlikely friendship and create a unique family of agents, assassins, hackers, veterans, Bond villain-like billionaires, and more! There’s never a dull moment but there’s always a happily ever after.

The reading order for all the Boys of Lake Cliff and Lake Cliff adjacent books can be found here.



Hide and Keep

A scared, lonely past and a dangerous secret follow Dr. Aiden Sharp to the peaceful town of Lake Cliff, Illinois, when he arrives to testify in a murder trial for the district attorney.

Some heroes are built a little differently than the rest of us and some hearts love in a way we're not used to. Blood spatter and exit wounds make more sense to Aiden than a casual remark or a quick wink. Living faces and expectations have always been more of a mystery to Aiden-being autistic-than the cases he handles for the FBI, but he's never let it stop him from getting what he wants. Aiden wants Lane as soon as their eyes meet, but Aiden gets a lot more than he expected when danger arrives.

Detective Lane West is prepared to protect the gorgeous but confusing forensic psychologist from himself and just about anything fate throws at them. But what about Lane's heart? Despite his best intentions, Lane can't keep his hands off Aiden.

Passion and pancakes bring two lonely hearts together and an errand for the district attorney turns Lake Cliff upside down.



Safe and Sound

In this second installment of the Boys of Lake Cliff series, Aiden and Lane have enjoyed five years of bliss when a quiet evening at home is interrupted by an unexpected guest. An infant "intruder" and an "attack" have Aiden and Lane examining their relationship and their future and an arson investigation takes its toll on Aiden.


Safe and Sound is a short story, that sets up book 3 of the series.



Spark and Flame

Aiden and Lane are seven years into their Happily Ever After when Aiden begins to question the strength of their marriage. Gavin Langley and his obsession with Aiden tests Lane in unexpected ways and puts their marriage under media and public scrutiny.



Hide and Kill

K. Sterling invites you to return to Lake Cliff and catch up with Aiden, Lane, Lavender, and Sage in this sequel to In The Kill and crossover with the Hide And Keep trilogy.

Can you domesticate an international assassin? Can a criminal be reformed and play well with others? Happily Ever After doesn't always happen right away or as easily as you might imagine. Lavender must decide how much he's willing to sacrifice for love and if he can make peace with his past.

Despite his hopes, fate isn't ready to let Lane West settle into his own Happily Ever After peacefully. A new threat comes to Lake Cliff and he's forced to team up with his worst nightmare.



Bleed and Seek

Aiden and Lane return with Lavender and Sage in another Boys Of Lake Cliff thriller.

Life is not as it seems in Lake Cliff. A dark and savage evil is bearing down on Aiden and Lavender's secrets could destroy everything he's built with Sage.


Can the world's most impeccable and unstoppable assassin and a vulnerable savant work together to find a brutally sadistic and elusive killer before time runs out? Can Lane withstand the ultimate test if his faith is pushed to its limits?



Find and Keep

Aiden and Lane return with Lavender and Sage in another Boys Of Lake Cliff book.

A baby can cause quite a stir in a town like Lake Cliff. Sometimes, in ways you wouldn't expect. Mr. Lavender reminds us that he'll only be predictable when it suits him and changing one's stripes can be tricky. Big changes are coming to Lake Cliff and a baby's just the beginning.



In The Wind

Welcome back to Lake Cliff, a quiet yet inexplicably dangerous suburb of Chicago. When we last visited our heroes, they were calmly and cozily settling into their happily ever afters. Unfortunately, Lavender and Aiden’s brisk yet peaceful morning run through the woods is interrupted by a loud explosion. They return to Holderson Manor to find that Sage has been abducted by a dangerous enemy from Lavender’s past.

With Sage in the wind, it quickly becomes a race against the clock to bring him home. Lavender has assembled a team of friends and allies when Captain Denver Walsh arrives with the missing piece of the puzzle. A tortured and traumatized vet, Denver offers a grim solution only to find himself drawn into the mission and a new family as a British lord, an FBI agent, a Russian hacker, a few cops and a forensic psychologist join forces to hunt a killer and find Sage before it’s too late.



Lost Ground

Covington, Rhode Island: Quaint. Colonial. Haunted? It’s a perfect postcard of a town and a tourist’s delight but its charming residents live with a terrible curse. Something in the woods on Lost Hill has claimed dozens of lives and the townspeople believe Covington’s shameful history is to blame.

When do cold cases become too cold? Is justice only for the living? Dr. Aiden Sharp only sees facts and he only seeks the truth. He isn’t capable of imagining, in fact. But he begins to question his sanity and reality the moment he arrives in Covington. Every clue only leads to more questions as Aiden struggles to solve an impossible case.

What better sidekick for solving an impossible crime than an impossible criminal? Mr. Lavender gets much more than he bargained for when he volunteers to escort Aiden. Our favorite “reformed” assassin soon learns that life is for the living but the dead don’t always go quietly.


NB. This book can be enjoyed as a standalone but there is a primer at the beginning for readers who may be new to Lake Cliff and unfamiliar with our heroes.


NB. This book includes topics that may be distressing to some readers. Suicide and hangings are discussed and there are descriptions of violent acts against women and children.



Sins of the Father

It turns out there may be something that Mr. Lavender can’t kill. A secret is coming to haunt Lake Cliff and the people Lavender holds dear are in grave danger. Time is just about up, and the careful web of lies and bargains he’s woven is unraveling.

As if things aren’t tense enough, Lavender has a very serious complication: Agent Paul Sloan. He’s on the trail of a sophisticated serial killer who’s pretending to be Mr. Lavender. Paul is determined to discover who’s copying our favorite assassin, and why. Most importantly, he wants to know why Lavender doesn’t mind that someone’s stealing his secrets and flaunting it.

How do you make a killer and what happens if the copy is better than the original? Something vicious and twisted has come to play and Mr. Lavender can’t keep it off his doorstep any longer. Whether he likes it or not, Lavender has to rely on the help of Dr. Aiden Sharp and company to stop a monster before it’s too late and evil arrives in Lake Cliff.



Kiss and Tell

It’s bound to get personal when a young woman is found dead and folded in a suitcase. When the evidence suggests a conspiracy involving a senator’s son with a bright future in politics, it becomes an obsession. Chief Lane West makes a pact with the victim and the gruesome case takes a physical and emotional toll.

Determined to find the answers and justice, Lane turns to Mr. Lavender for help and uses himself as bait to expose a brutal murder and a sloppy cover-up. Then, the case takes a dreamy, dangerous turn and the consequences shake the residents of Lake Cliff.

Dreams are strange and fickle things. They’re the truths we whisper when we surrender our consciousness and conscience to the night. Or, they’re meaningless and nothing more than a wild itch, conjured by our restless brains as they relax and unravel. What happens in our dreams doesn’t always stay in our heads. Sometimes, dreams blend with reality and come true. Sometimes, dreams become nightmares as Lane and Lavender confront the monsters under their beds, and the ones who put a dead girl in a suitcase.



See How They Run

The hero. The lord. The Russian. Boom. Boom. Boom.

Almost all at once and out of nowhere, Lake Cliff is hit by three shocking attacks. Determined to find answers, an unlikely team of investigators sets out to find a twisted and cunning killer. 

There’s mystery, adventure and sex before things take a grim turn and the residents of Lake Cliff are left reeling. 

Join Aiden Sharp, Mr. Lavender, Reginald, Toly and the rest of the family for a thrilling and chilling new adventure as the Lake Cliff story takes an exciting turn with the help of Dr. Aldous Hawkesworth, Mr. Blink and a curious assortment of friends.

This is the 11th Boys of Lake Cliff book and is not intended to be read as a standalone. In fact, it is more of a prequel and part of a wider mystery involving exciting new characters.



In All Due Heist

Who doesn’t love a good heist? Especially when it involves the FBI and a legendary Irish gangster. Speed has presented his new neighbors with an opportunity that’s too good to pass up but Lavender knows there’s a catch. The immaculate assassin is convinced that Speed’s past holds a clue that could have terrible consequences so he sets out to learn how this particular lost boy made his way to Lake Cliff.

He’s spent his entire life waiting to make his move and love was never part of the plan. But Speed’s determined to have it all and give Blake everything. Love and romance are a lot more complicated than planning a heist or a hit, though. For the first time in his life, Speed is out of his element and he’s just about out of secrets. Can he get his revenge and keep Blake or is Speed about to run out of luck?

*This book isn’t intended to be a standalone. In fact, it picks up right where Speed Trap ends and this mystery will continue to challenge our Lake Cliff heroes through A Marquis & A Bloody Mystery (A Lake Cliff Adjacent Historical Romance), Hit And Bothered, and finally conclude with a happily ever after in Little Red Revenge.*



Hit and Bothered

You may think you’ve planned the perfect hit but there’s no getting around the consequences.


Mickey Winterstone is dead and Speed’s about to get exactly what he wanted. Is he ready? The residents of Lake Cliff finally know the truth and Mr. Lavender doesn’t think so. He suspects that Speed’s settled one vendetta and made himself the target of another, putting Blake, Lane, and the rest of Lake Cliff at risk.


Perfect time to propose and plan a wedding, wouldn’t you say? For the first time, Speed has a life, but he's no longer in charge...his heart is. Romance is in the air in Lake Cliff as our family of heroes grows. Speed’s relationship flourishes as Blake nurses him back to health but our charming trickster can’t have everything his way.


This is Lake Cliff, of course. A silly squabble between neighbors could have dangerous repercussions and there’s no telling who might come knocking on your door.


*This book does end with a cliffhanger but Speed and Blake’s adventure will continue and conclude with Little Red Revenge.



Little Red Revenge

The unthinkable hashappened and Speed’s entire world has turned upside down. Desperate, he turns to Mr. Lavender for help.


Our friendly neighborhood assassin rallies the troops—both old and new—in this final installment in the “Speed” series. Will our heroes save the day and can they heal a badly broken Speed in time for the wedding?

Boys of Lake Cliff 2
3 Spark and Flame
4 Hide and Kill
5 Bleed and Seek
6 Find and Keep
7 In The Wind
8 Lost Ground
9 Sins of the Father
10 Kiss and Tell
11 See How They Run
12 In All Due Heist
13 Hit and Bothered
14 Little Red Revenge
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