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They All Fall Down


Welcome to the Battle of Blackhurst.

A Gilded Age estate in Rhode Island, Blackhurst is a well-guarded fortress beneath its elegant facade. Cyril Blink rules his dominion with an iron fist but has his hands full with the willful academic haunting his antiquities vault. Professor Farris Elliot might be overqualified to manage the estate’s collection of priceless art and artifacts but he’s also a thorn in Cyril’s side. Farris has his own secrets and Cyril learns that the cranky professor isn’t bitter beneath his tweed suits. He’s actually rather sweet and tempting and Cyril finds himself breaking his own rules.

A string of curious events and an attack brings a mystery to Blackhurst and Cyril vows to find those responsible and have his revenge. They All Fall Down can be read as a standalone but it features characters from previous Lake Cliff books and fits into a larger storyline that concludes in the next installment in the series.

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