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Merry & Wright

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All Sheriff Decker Wright wants for Christmas is for the town’s new librarian to be competent and reliable. And not a serial killer. He and the good people of Covington, Rhode Island have been through a lot and Decker’s hoping a sane new librarian and a perfect holiday festival will help restore the town’s spirits after a string of tragedies.

Luckily for Decker, Meredith Crane is extremely competent and reliable. Despite his intentions to make his stay brief, it doesn’t take long for the reserved librarian to become enchanted with the charming little town. There is the matter of the peculiar characters inhabiting Covington and the ghosts inhabiting the Malbourne Inn but Meredith is determined to make the best of it. The owners of the inn have adopted him and Meredith makes it his mission to solve the mysteries that haunt the colonial mansion and help Decker deliver the perfect Covington Christmas.

Unfortunately for Decker, he can’t resist a well-mannered man in a well-cut suit and he’s not the only one who wants the town’s new librarian. The two do their best to ignore the heaps of sexual tension while hunting for answers to old mysteries. But fate, ghosts, and a few elderly matchmakers test their control and sanity.

This heartwarming haunted holiday romance is a spin-off of Lost Ground but is intended to be a standalone with just a little help from a few Lake Cliff residents. There are MANY Lost Ground spoilers in this book but you DO NOT need to read Lost Ground or any of Lake Cliff to enjoy Merry & Wright.

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