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Like Grim Death


Something wicked this way comes...

Dr. Aldous Hawkesworth doesn’t scare easily. In fact, Hawk regularly chases danger and follows the things that go bump in the night to escape the horrors of war and his past. But he finds himself in over his head and facing a new and very different challenge when a mysterious, shadowed man rouses him from his sleep to tend to a very “special” patient. Hawk encounters something disturbing and enthralling in the woods at Blackhurst and throws caution and safety to the wind to help Casper Grim.

Has there ever been a character more despicable and lamentable than Mr. Grim? Is he homicidal? Definitely. Deranged? Absolutely. Radioactive? Possibly. Misunderstood...? That’s the question. Can our cagey patient ignore the voices in his head and his murderous impulses long enough to allow the dashing older surgeon to save his miserable life?

Like Grim Death is a spin-off of The Boys of Lake Cliff series but is meant to be a standalone. While a few characters from Lake Cliff make appearances, you do not need to have read the series to enjoy this book.

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