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Kiss And Tell

Updated: Oct 25, 2020


It’s bound to get personal when a young woman is found dead and folded in a suitcase. When the evidence suggests a conspiracy involving a senator’s son with a bright future in politics, it becomes an obsession. Chief Lane West makes a pact with the victim and the gruesome case takes a physical and emotional toll.

Determined to find the answers and justice, Lane turns to Mr. Lavender for help and uses himself as bait to expose a brutal murder and a sloppy cover-up. Then, the case takes a dreamy, dangerous turn and the consequences shake the residents of Lake Cliff.

Dreams are strange and fickle things. They’re the truths we whisper when we surrender our consciousness and conscience to the night. Or, they’re meaningless and nothing more than a wild itch, conjured by our restless brains as they relax and unravel. What happens in our dreams doesn’t always stay in our heads. Sometimes, dreams blend with reality and come true. Sometimes, dreams become nightmares as Lane and Lavender confront the monsters under their beds, and the ones who put a dead girl in a suitcase.

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