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Ellis Harper's Shot in the Dark

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It’s the perfect Landry wedding. Ellis Harper would know. There are at least three every season and he is often the plus one of his life-long best friend, Alli Landry, Worst of Her Name, Youngest of Her Siblings. The events that follow the wedding are less than ideal and take a life-altering turn when Alli’s secret pregnancy is revealed.

“Sex is fun but have you ever experienced the profound relief of not getting lectured by all three of your parents about being an irresponsible nightmare on the way to your older sister’s wedding reception? It’s better than cocaine, let me tell you.”

Ellis isn’t the father but agrees to play the part to prevent disaster. Which backfires almost immediately. Alli’s father, Dalton, is desperate to mend his relationship with his daughter and turns to Ellis for help. Their other best friend and partner in crime, Colin, is not taking Alli’s pregnancy well and her dashing older cousin, Jamie, keeps hitting on Ellis. But, it’s all just background chaos, after Ellis hears a Grindr notification in the hotel bar, while surrounded by Landrys and the groom’s relatives. Everyone is off-limits and no one is safe in a room full of people related to the pretend mother of your future child.

“The only out gay men at this wedding are married and maybe Jamie. I’m not trying to get anyone in trouble. Especially myself.”

Ellis can’t help himself, though, and peeks to see who’s on the prowl. Despite his instincts telling him not to, Ellis responds. He’s on the brink of fatherhood, after all. Something magical and wild happens in a darkened hotel room and a weekend fling turns into an affair so hot and intense, Ellis can’t resist or let go. But, the problem with secrets is they don’t last very long and can turn into even bigger disasters once they get away from you. Alli decides it’s time to face the truth and Ellis has to confront his past, his fears and his actions. Ignorance is bliss and it ends when Ellis learns the identity of the man fulfilling his wildest fantasies in the dark. He’s the worst-case scenario and everything Ellis has ever wanted but is he worth it? Is Ellis ready to take a chance and turn his life upside down when there’s a baby on the way?

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