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A Soul To Keep Available Now!

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

A Soul To Keep is now available for pre-order here:

And check out the new blog post with excerpt here:

Scream, you stupid American bear.”

Night after terrifying night, Captain Denver Walsh returns to the compound in Dubai where Al Qaeda terrorists tortured him. Night after night, he relives the terror and pain and wakes up haunted by a ghost from his past. Numerous surgeries and years of physical and psychiatric therapy have failed to fix our brave soldier and hacker and he’s perilously close to breaking.

“Alone is why you almost killed yourself and that’s what’s going to kill you.”

Denver might be an admirable yet occasionally stupid brand of stubborn but Dr. Ezra Gabriel is about to teach him a few lessons in patience and perseverance. Gifted, charming and just about as stubborn, the young doctor won’t let Denver give up, then finds he can’t let the brilliant, gentle, battle-scarred veteran go.

An incident involving a monster of a trout causes two friends to slip and slide into a predicament neither saw coming. One of them loses their head and two hearts find the same steady beat as dreams change and merge with reality.

This is a standalone love story but features characters from The Boys of Lake Cliff series. You do not need to have read the series to enjoy A Soul To Keep.

Warning: A Soul To Keep explores extremely difficult topics such as suicide and PTSD and includes scenes involving violent acts of torture.

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