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Nannies Of New York

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The Last Nanny In Manhattan



Walker Cameron III might be one of the most feared men in Manhattan, but he’s no match for his six-year-old triplets. After exhausting all other options, Finley Marshall is the grumpy widower's last hope.

Luckily for the Camerons, Fin is a master of chaos and can calm even the most beastly of children. But Fin soon learns that the girls aren’t the problem; it’s their father. Still grieving and easily overwhelmed, Walker leaves the servants to cope with his little hellions. Fin wants to prove he’s the best nanny in the city and that his older brother, Reid, should start his own agency. Is Fin willing to risk life and limb to do it, though?

Afraid to lose the most competent caregiver to ever cross his threshold, Walker agrees to an unusual set of terms. He’ll give the girls more of his time and practice better parenting with Fin as his guide. But Walker finds himself with a new and unexpected problem. For the first time in years, he’s having very improper thoughts and can’t stop thinking about Fin. Can he keep his feelings to himself or will Walker fall for the last nanny in Manhattan willing to take on the cursed Camerons?

*The paperback edition will include additional illustrations by Jayla, a short story featuring the Camerons, recipes from the book, and a soundtrack!



Giles Ashby Needs A Nanny

Sometimes, a simple field trip to the planetarium can be an act of bravery. In Giles Ashby’s case, it could also be a second chance with his lifelong crush.

Unbearably awkward and strangled by his anxiety disorder, Giles used surly snarls and abrupt remarks to keep everyone at a distance. As a result and surprising no one, he finds himself divorced and overwhelmed by the demands of parenting nine-year-old Milo —a shy, awkward clone of his father. Not wanting Milo to struggle through life the way he has, Giles enlists the help of Reid Marshall’s new nanny agency.

Of all the nannies in Manhattan… Reid had to send Giles’s childhood crush, Riley Fitzgerald. Still smitten and as flustered as he was in middle school, Giles bungles every encounter with the “new” nanny. But sweet, clever, outgoing Riley is exactly what Milo needs.

Riley thinks he knows what he’s getting into when he accepts a position working for his childhood nemesis, but Milo steals his heart the moment they meet. And “Giles the Jerk” isn’t as bad as Riley remembers. Or maybe Giles was never really all that bad… Riley finds himself swooning as Giles faces his fears in order to help Milo survive the fourth grade and win the science fair.

But can Riley really trust his heart, when all his past relationships have been cursed? Could this time be any different?



The Handy Nanny

They call Pennsylvania Tucker the human Band-Aid because he can fix just about anything and make anyone feel better, but can Penn mend a broken heart? Reid Marshall thinks so and sends his master nanny on a very important and sensitive mission. A close friend is grieving and caring for his newborn niece after losing his twin sister.

Shy and quiet outside of the studio, Morris Mosby has been a myth in the music industry since he was sixteen. But his sister was the brains behind the “Mosby Machine” and Morris is tempted to walk away from his career and focus on his family. He’s got to put his life back together and raise a baby without his best friend and half of his heart.

Not if Morris’s parents and Penn have anything to say about it. The three of them team up to help Morris heal and rediscover his passion for music. Things heat up between Penn and Morris, but our handy nanny has some old wounds that need mending as well. Can two broken hearts heal each other or has Penn finally found a problem he can’t fix?




The Enchanting Nanny

Despite being born into one of the wealthiest families in Manhattan, Agnes Cameron hasn’t had that many good things in her life. At fifty-two, she’s ready to change that. She’s adopting a child and putting her playgirl days behind her. And ever the doting brother, Walker Cameron III has decided to send one of Reid Marshall’s nannies to help with the transition.

Enter Penny Lane Tucker: thirty, vegan, and a wild child who occasionally sleeps in trees. Like her older brother, Penn, she’s a nanny extraordinaire. There isn’t a problem Penny can’t fix with a little elbow grease and creativity. And while she believes in soulmates and the power of love, Penny suspects fate is playing tricks when she meets her new clients.

Their brothers might not be aware, but Agnes and Penny have…history. Of course, neither wants to be the one to explain why Reid should send a different nanny. Instead, both decide to play it cool for the sake of Agnes’s newly adopted daughter, eight-year-old June.

That proves to be a challenge when the trio decamps to the Tucker family cabin in the Catskills for the summer. Sparks fly around the campfire and love blossoms as they bond and heal. Penny realizes that Agnes and June just might be her soulmates. But can she trust wayward Agnes with her heart? And can Agnes prove she’s ready to put her wild ways behind her and tame her enchanting nanny?


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